Weight Lose

Anybody can drop weight dramatically but to actually lose fat without damage to your metabolism requires an approach that is unique in this industry. PALMA PT don’t believe in extreme calorie restriction, cutting food groups completely from your diet, depletion protocols that look to dehydrate you so you look good for about a day (the day of your photoshoot!) or training you to the point of injury or exhaustion. Instead PALMA PT take a much more measured yet highly effective method that will yield fantastic results that are still visible months later.


Eating a proper, nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keep you mentally and physically sound. Nutrition can be a mind field and confusing at first but once you understand calories and macros you can begin to see what works best for you. Eating for good health doesn’t mean starving yourself or removing all carbohydrates from the diet, here at PALMA PT we are a fan of carbs if consumed in the right quantities and at the right time specific to you. Overall you need to consume a well-balanced diet that is maintainable and sustainable for life that allows some flexibility to enjoy food and not be too restrictive.

Muscle Building

PALMA PT focus heavily on getting the nutrition right with our main priority to ensure health is optimal (you cannot grow muscle tissue if your health is poor) before we look at optimising the results of your training. Our programmes are individually designed with training and nutrition plans working in concert to produce the best possible results in the shortest space of time.


The Lifestyle You Want

Personal & Group Training Sessions

Palma PT has affordable, effective, and enjoyable packages of training sessions to suit all needs

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Algarve Fitness Retreats

Our state of the art fitness retreat based in the Algarve. Is ideal for relaxation and achieving your goals

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Reach Your Goals

Tone & Build Stamina

There are so many ways to tone and build stamina, why not talk to us about the best ways to reach your goals.

Build Muscle & Increase Strength

Increasing your body size takes time and dedication. We have the correct knowledge to help you achieve this.